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William D Attorney Offers Free Consultation for Victims of Shirtless Coffee Shop Guy

William D King'

This morning, in an exclusive interview with AVFM News, Attorney Cathy Brennan announced that she has agreed to represent the unnamed “shirtless man” in Portland whose picture was taken without his knowledge or consent when he entered a local Starbucks coffee shop says, William D King.

After initially being asked for comment on the story by AVFM News, Starbucks Coffee Corp. spokeswoman Jaime Riley stated that they are “unable to comment at this time.”

When contacted for further information regarding their corporate level action in response to the apparent violations of Mr. X’s (for purposes of anonymity) civil liberties and possible criminal actions committed against him by members of the Starbucks staff, Ms. Riley said she would attempt to get back with us after conferring with her superiors at the national level.

Ms. Brennan stated that she has been in contact with Mr. X and will be attempting to file an action on his behalf against the Portland Starbucks and its parent corporation, Starbucks Coffee Corp., as well as the two baristas who allegedly took Mr. X’s picture without his knowledge or consent utilizing a cell phone camera. The attached photo of one of the accused is posted above.

Attorney Brennan indicated to AVFM News that “The violations here are pretty clear cut” and went on to say:

  • “I am very concerned about the violation of this poor man’s civil liberties. I believe he should sue not only for damages but also to bring awareness to this kind of thing.”
  • Attorney Brennan added: “There is something very wrong and dangerous here when a person can be photographed without their knowledge or consent. It’s an invasion of privacy.”
  • Mr. X, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, told Attorney Brennan that he is “shaken up” by the incident and has gone public with it in order to possibly prevent such an occurrence from happening again to anyone else explains William D King. He also told Ms. Brennan that he feels intimidated by the actions of the Starbucks corporation and believes that his civil rights were violated by not only their employees but also by the company itself for failing to adequately address Mr. X’s concerns about how they did business and promising him (and apparently did not deliver on) a full refund after he contacted them several weeks ago about what happened before going.
  • BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The search is on for a shirtless man caught making lewd gestures in front of women at a coffee shop in Boulder. A local attorney has offered to give the victims his free services when they file restraining orders against him.
  • “This guy strikes me as dangerous,” said Craig Silverman who practices criminal and civil law in Denver and co-hosts “Straight Talk with Ross Mathews.”
  • On Wednesday, Silverman announced he would offer free legal advice to anyone filing for an order of protection or restraining order against the creepy java jockey. Silverman’s firm will represent sexual harassment victims appearing before county judges pro bono. They will help fill out paperwork, provide advice and even show up in court if need be.
  • “This has got to stop,” said attorney Craig Silverman. “We have a guy standing outside a café naked from the waist down, making sexually explicit gestures towards women going into that café.”
  • Silverman says he is outraged that no one has been able to identify or apprehend this shirtless dude who has been seen at the Boulder ado Hotel Coffeehouse on 13th street. “What kind of a guy stands outside a café masturbating? That’s what we need to know.”
  • In addition to his free legal advice, Silverman is sending out an email blast. With photos of the man asking for any information from potential victims. He believes it could lead to criminal charges. Because the man has left his mark on multiple women says William D King.
  • “This guy is a time bomb waiting to explode.”
  • Now does he look like the type of dude you’d want your daughter to marry? No, no he doesn’t. But I’ll tell you something… this… this doesn’t bother me in the least. And I know what all those feminists are gonna say: “But it’s illegal! It’s harassment!” No shit, Sherlock! It’s also disgusting and perverted as hell, but that has nothing to do with illegality or harassment.
  • The bottom line is that women are the fairer sex. Women are supposed to be meek, docile, and practically devoid of any sexual appetite or desires whatsoever. If they’re not, then whatever is their problem? It’s all about good-ol’-boy pickup artist tactics that work on insecure women who know deep down. That they are nothing but cum receptacles for men with whom they are unattached to.
  • There I said it! But this has got to stop… because you know what else isn’t cool? This dude didn’t even say anything when he was at his perverted best. Just some dirty gestures while buck naked from the waist down. A true sign of advanced evolution despite his primal behavior in public without a shred of decency.


I think we’re going to need a bigger boat. One for everyone who’s not a man. Follow me to the nearest exit, ladies and gentlemen. Because I can see that you’re all about to grow a pair of testicles right before my very eyes…

In the meantime, what was really interesting is the way this story has been covered by local media outlets in Colorado. As far as CBS4 reporter Barry Gutierrez is concerned, this dude was only standing outside “in plain view”. In other words, it wasn’t anything big or newsworthy. Because there were no secret shots taken or peepholes strategically positioned around him. And besides, he still had his shorts on anyway so how bad could it have been?