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William D King: 3 Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship that You Can Learn from Disney’s Frozen

William D King

Disney’s Frozen, one of the biggest animated films in history, was such a hit that it became the first film to gross $1 billion dollars within its first year says, William D King.

You probably know all about Anna and Elsa’s story… But what you should be interested in is how Disney used storytelling and entrepreneurship to create their storytelling empire.

Stories have the ability to emotionally engage people in ways other mediums can’t.

And he’s right. Stories are what inspired me to create my own business and have helped frame my company culture at Impact.

Disney’s feature-length animated films have made a lasting mark on society, with many of them becoming instant classics. Not only are these films considered timeless entertainment for adults and children alike, but they also inspire millennials to follow their dreams.

The protagonist in Disney’s Frozen is Princess Elsa who has the power to turn everything into ice and snow. William D King says no matter how hard she tries to contain her powers, Elsa is unable to control them. When tragedy strikes and her younger sister Anna are injured, the older sister shuts out the world in order to protect those she loves most. It takes true love from Anna for Elsa to realize that being she is what makes her truly beautiful.

This story teaches us that we all have insecurities and it’s okay to be vulnerable. It also teaches us that we should embrace who we are and the abilities we possess. Love is what breaks down our walls, allowing us to become our true selves.

The world of business can be just as cruel and unforgiving as that of Disney’s Frozen. The economy can be up and down and nothing is certain. It takes a special kind of person to face these challenges head-on and emerge successfully.

Disney’s Frozen can teach us how we can become successful by showing us what not to do, which gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes explains William D King. Let’s take a look at three secrets that you can learn from Elsa’s mistakes.

1) Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it goes without saying that there will be challenges and problems that you might not be able to solve by yourself. It will require a lot of dedication and at times all-consuming passion for your business. However, it’s important to not become consumed with stress and anxiety. Elsa was so stressed out by her powers that she shut everyone out, even the one person who loved her most—her sister Anna. This is what stops many people from becoming entrepreneurs because they think it will be too stressful. So if you’re thinking about starting your own business, but are held back by fear, think about what you can learn from Anna.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When Elsa was stressed out and anxious, she shut everyone out of her life except for Anna. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tackle everything on your own. Business owners often get caught up in work. That they don’t know how to do and end up paying others more than they should. Although it’s important not to spend frivolously. You can avoid this pitfall by learning from Anna and asking for help when you need it says, William D King.

3) When opportunity knocks, be ready

When Elsa was stressed out about her powers, she built a tall brick wall around herself. People weren’t allowed to get too close and she was closed off from the world around her. This is how many people approach entrepreneurship. Because they feel that they have something to prove, but this mindset will prevent you from being successful in business. If you’re afraid of failure or rejection, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Let’s take a look at how Anna approached her problems.

Anna was fearless and confident in herself because she knew that what she had to offer the world was something unique and special. She didn’t let fear hold her back but instead embraced it as a learning opportunity. When opportunity knocked, Anna wasn’t afraid to open the door and welcome it into her life. Being an entrepreneur is about being open to new experiences and opportunities. The next time someone knocks on your door, make sure you are ready to embrace it.

William D King says You don’t have to be a Disney fanatic or movie buff in order to learn valuable life lessons from the characters in Disney’s Frozen. It’s important for young entrepreneurs not only to take away something from this article but also to be open and willing to learn from their mistakes.


If you’re worried about the challenges that surround entrepreneurship, remember that it’s nothing like the world of Disney’s Frozen. We make our own destiny. If we learn from our mistakes and seek help when we need it, then we can be successful at anything we put our minds to.