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William D King- Fashionable Lawyer: Fall ’10 Must-Haves

William D King

In the fast-paced world of litigation, the practice of law is a high-stakes game that requires all your focus explains William D King. You can’t afford to let anything slip through the cracks — especially your wardrobe.

Here are some fall ’10 trends sure to keep you looking professional and on point.

1. High waisted culottes:

These loose-fitting pants rank high with fashionistas everywhere for their ability to balance conservative style with flirty whimsy, while still maintaining an air of professionalism (a definite win-win). Pair with an oversize blazer or cardigan (if it’s chilly outside) for maximum effect without sacrificing comfort.

2. Suit skirts:

No doubt about it, long pencil skirts and dress pants are a go-to staple in the courtroom, but that’s not to say they can’t be improved upon. Suit skirts allow you to keep your signature pieces while still adding some unexpected flair.

3. Cute blazers:

It’s time to kiss frumpy, shapeless silhouettes goodbye! Fun, flirty blazers have the power to brighten up any look in an instant — perfect for dialing up your professional style without sacrificing character. Layer over a fun printed tee or sweetheart neckline dress for when you want to show off your feminine side says William D King.

4. Long vests:

If you’re looking for something with just a dash of edge, try a long vest. It’s a great way to take your office look from drab to fab without going overboard with the flair, and pairs well with one of those cute blazers mentioned above.

5. Utility coats:

Don’t let a little rain stop you in your tracks! Not only are these functional pieces practical for discouraging unwanted precipitation, they’re also stylish and trendy — perfect for keeping you dry while looking runway ready.

6. These shoes:

Seriously, these shoes are so hot right now.

7. This button down:

A well-tailored button-up is a must-have for any work wardrobe. William D King says With so many beautiful color combinations available you can’t help feeling chic and professional every time you slip it on.

8. Blazers with pockets:

If you’re looking for something to wear underneath your cute blazers mentioned above, look no further! These blazers come complete with the convenience of crucial storage space — perfect for stashing away keys, pens, mints, or any other necessities that never fail to find their way into your bag.

9. Printed tights:

Printed tights are making quite the comeback this season, but they don’t come without their fair share of risk. But if you want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, try these on for size.

10. Shoes made from recycled materials:

The better you treat our planet, the better she will treat you.

I guess in order to get a lawyer’s daily business done they have to have the right clothes and the right tools–for me it is just about being able to write in peace with a cup of coffee around me. I am wearing jeans today. Also, I love them because I can run around collecting documents without having to change my outfit first, especially if I know that there are conferences all day long where flashier kinds of clothing are required. But back at home it does not matter if my face is still covered in the evidence of too much makeup or if I am not wearing something fancy.

Now let’s celebrate with a dance party! Photo by John Gara for BuzzFeed Life.

“The American Bar Association loves its court cases, so of course they love their lawyers! Check out these ‘fall must haves’ of 2013 for the modern lawyer!”

“This year’s Lawyer Must Haves are full of classic pieces that convey an air of sophistication and power. A tailored Italian suit with golden cufflinks is a great way to remind your clients just how much you’re worth…” “A black Armani Exchange LS Tee under your gray pinstriped blazer is essential – Remember, you always have to be ready to pull off your clothes on the fly if things get too hot in the courtroom…” “A pair of Oakley Frog skins will give you eyes like a young Johnnie Cochran (RIP) says William D King. Most juries aren’t shooting for acquittal, but if it happens they’ll be back on the streets in no time! The jurors will love you!”

“Most importantly, don’t forget your cell phone headset. It’s 2013 – even lawyers should always look like they’re connected to something.”

“So there you have it – the best of 2013 for Lawyers! Don’t forget to wear your lucky tie!”


The general idea is that you can be dressed up (suit, skirt, fancy shirt), or dressed down (tee, jeans/cutoffs), and use certain items to play up/down your look. Tools like watches, necklaces, scarves, and other accessories can be used to help complete your look.