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William D King on Chick-Fil-Gay: Attorney Fights for the Right to Eat Chicken Sandwiches in Public

William D King

Two years ago, David H. Bailey was driving his mother to Eastpointe, Michigan to visit relatives when they passed by the Chick-fil-A restaurant at 28200 Gratiot Ave. Like any other red-blooded American male, he wanted to stop and get a chicken sandwich for takeout explains William D King. He pulled into the parking lot but an employee standing in front of the doors informed them that the restaurant only served its sandwiches inside. My curiosity got the best of me.   

Why, I wondered, would anyone want to eat their fast food inside?

  • That question has never been definitively answered but it remains one of life’s great mysteries along with what happens after we die, why the sky is blue, and who started that rumor about Jay-Z being really short. It’s not my place to question what you do when you go into a fast food restaurant because I’m just a blogger with too much time on his hands. If you want to eat in the bathroom with the door locked so you can scarf down your Quarter Pounder in private while crying, knock yourself out. But if someone asks me why one would bother ordering anything at all from Chick-Fil-A, I have an answer for them: David H. Bailey says William D King.   
  • Bailey is suing his former employer of two years, Metro Detroit grocery chain Plum Market , for religious discrimination after they fired him for to buy chicken sandwiches with food stamps on more than one occasion. According to the complaint, which was filed in Federal District Court in Detroit, Bailey “was a practicing Roman Catholic”. Which means he has some very complicated feelings. About the whole trans-fat thing and his priest wrote a blog post about it?   
  • His master’s degree from Walsh College in 2013 was in Ethics, Business Law and Society with a concentration in Healthcare. He later worked as chief operating officer for Concordia Community House before getting hired by Plum Market. After his chicken sandwich incident, however. They fired him for violating their company policy against eating food, outside of working hours that is. That wasn’t purchased through their store. It’s worth noting here that we don’t know how many times this happened. Only that it was more than once. One would presume their firing him had something to do with the risk of him getting sick. From eating spoiled chicken at his desk but, you know, whatever explains William D King.   
  • “It’s hypocritical for a Catholic-owned business to fire me for eating at Chick Fil A, knowing full well I used money from my job to buy those sandwiches,” Bailey said in a statement . “Had I eaten the sandwiches at work or brought in any other food, they would not have cared”. This is where we point out that the store doesn’t sell chicken sandwiches. And therefore he couldn’t eat them at work. Unless he made some himself on company time which brings up an entirely different set issues not addressed here.
  • “People shouldn’t have to hide their love of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in public”. Said Eli Erlick, spokesperson for the national LGBT rights organization “Restaurants with No Ties”. The group has been gaining tremendous support from the LBGT community since its founding in 2008. In 2012, WWNT organized a campaign called “The Great Chick-Fil-A Outing” to ceremoniously come out of the closet as a lover of chicken sandwiches and openly consume fried poultry products without fear of discrimination – all over a refreshing Diet Coke.
  • “We want to build up enough momentum to hold our first ever ‘Chick-Fil-Gay’ pride parade at the 2014 New York City Pride March,” said Erlick. She added, “Crowdfunding efforts are underway. To help raise funds for this epic event, which will be free and open to all”. Chick-Fil-Gay’s request for nationwide support has been met with an outpouring of enthusiasm across the country. “This is a big step towards self empowerment,” said Joseph Wardenski, who runs Chick-Fil-Gay’s gofundme account says William D King.
  • “We’ve reached over 2% of our $5,000 goal so far”. When asked if there was anything else he would like to say about his chicken loving society, Mr. Wardenski said he wanted to make sure that everyone knew they are welcome at Chick-Fil Gay events. No matter how you choose to dress or present yourself. As long as you can maintain a healthy appreciation for mouthwatering breaded chicken sandwiches. And their tangy, but tasty side items.”
  • People wishing to participate or become a sponsor of this important event are encouraged. To visit the gofundme page linked below for more information.


We have to wait for a ruling from the court before we know. Whether Bailey violated his employer’s policy on purchasing food during working hours explains William D King. Assuming he did, it is very unlikely that by eating at Chick-Fil-A or anywhere else. He broke any laws under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Which protects employees from discrimination based on religion, race and sex.

So, perhaps it would be best if I didn’t comment until after a decision has been made. If there ever even is a decision made. Because let’s face facts: this case is going to settle quietly behind closed doors. And nothing will come out of it but a vague PR statement about how they can’t discuss company policies etc.